Monday, February 27, 2017

It's Review Time!!!

Hello everyone, My good friend Deborah over at D-Lightful Designs has decided to start doing BJD bi-monthly subscription boxes!! They will be in MSD size. She asked me to review the first one so here we go......

Zoey: Whatever is in here is MINE!!!

Me: Well let's open the box first and see.

 The boxes are plain white with a cute design going across!

Here's what it looked like as soon as I removed the cover. SOOO cute!!

 The top layer contains a business card linking to all her services and a contents card for what is in the box.

 The first box in the subscription is called "Snuggled on the Sofa" what an adorable name!

All the items are folded in and wrapped so nicely!! 

First off we will start with the book trio

Deborah was given access to these books by the Indie Author (who is also a BJD collector as well!) These books are printed in very high quality no fuzzy prints here! I hate that so this is a nice touch for me personally so I had to add it in to my review!

Also in the box you will find a card showing how you can purchase these books in human size at the links listed below. I might just need to do that so my dolls and I can have matching books!! Super cute!!! (I think I have said cute like 10 times already lol) 

 They actually open too and have blank pages on the inside!!

Here we see Zoey enjoying a book. Zoey is a Fairyland Minifee

This photograph appears to be super bright but Kat my IH JID can enjoy these books too!! Raine another FL MNF is also reading a book.

Next onto the fuzzy blanket, it is super soft and I was surprised at how big it is! Both Kat and Raine can share it as they read on the sofa! 
 I opened this lovely candle next. It is hand sculpted from clay and has all these awesome swirls and lines running through it! It is one of my favorite pieces so far! Very life like!

Next up is a glass of red wine, who doesn't want to snuggle up with a good book, a blanket, and a glass of red wine after a long days work? I was surprised again at how life like it is!

Zoey: I've got my blanket and my wine, you can leave now! 

Me: Well I guess you don't want to see what else is in the box then?

Zoey: Oh there's more? Ok you can stay.

You can't have a blanket without a pillow right? This pillow is very well made, very soft and super comfy, I'm sure my dollies will be very comfy!! 

Now on to my favorite item in this box, the succulent hand sculpted from clay! Again very life like, very well made, and super adorable!  Even the dirt looks real!

The black and white striped planted reminded me of this Jonathan Adler vase he made a few years ago for barbie! (This is not my photo credit to the person who took it. I found it on google)

The girls added the plant, books, and candle to their fireplace! 

Oops I almost forgot about the last item. Everything was packed so nicely in tissue paper, small zipper baggies, and/or pretty netted bags, but this little packaging stood out to me the most! So it is being add to my review, I love it. It's the little details like this that send me back to shops to purchase more! 

 What was in that little peacock paper bag you ask? A ceramic plate of chocolate chip/chunk cookies!!! Again the cookies were hand sculpted from clay! Very lifelike and again super cute!!

Zoey: Wine and cookies, yup all mine!!!  Now let me relax with my blanket, go away!!

Me: Don't forget about the book and did you light the candle?

Zoey: Why are you still here?

Me: *Rolls eyes and leaves*

There we have it, I would say that Deborah is off to a great start with these boxes and I am super excited to see the rest of them!

How can you get your own box/boxes? Don't worry I didn't forget you! Deb is offering the boxes starting March 1st. They will be $20.00 each plus shipping.  You can also purchase a whole years worth of boxes at once for $100.00 plus $20 shipping (individual monthly boxes will be available for purchase in the month  advertised at the cost of $20 each, so with the FULL year purchase you are purchasing 5 boxes and getting the 6th box for FREE!) So head over to her etsy shop on March 1st for more info!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's day all!! Here is our Valentine's day Photoshoot....

Taylor and the teddies!!

 Debbie shows off some hearts

Debbie in pink!

Debbie decided to show off a little more!! Would you kiss her?

Clair-Marie, though still not really talking to me until she gets more tats still decided to join in because you couldn't have a Valentine's day photoshoot without her! 

Clair-Marie: "Happy Valentine's day bitches!!

Clair-Marie: Here we go, this is more like it, black hearts for my black heart! 

 Clair-Marie: Make sure you get my good side, oh who am I kidding all my sides are good sides!

Wow she is full of herself! lol Thanks for reading and checking in with us! Hopefully I will have more to blog about soon!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Clair-Marie is full of attitude!!!

Hello again guys! Two blogs in a row go me! lol Anyway, as you read yesterday my two unexpected arrivals showed up and I am in love with both of them! You met Nikki and her repainted rerooted friend...

Ever since rerooted girl arrived she has been talking non stop and apparently I had a lot to learn! Danielle didn't tell me she was so demanding!! She informed me that her name is Clair-marie (yes Clair no E) 

She informed me that she only likes the finer things in life. So I went ahead and gave her some designer shoes and purses.

She said she only wears black and occasionally red.  She complained that the previous photos didn't show her tattoos so I shot these for her to show you all.

 Then after all that she demanded more tattoos and I told her I didn't have access to any at the moment but I would look into that for her. Well she didn't like my answer so now she's not speaking to me (as you can see in this photo) until I go get her more. Geez!

 There you have it. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Clair-Marie, I have a feeling she is going to be a handful!