Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Back? Anyone still around? lol

Hello all that are still around, if there are any of you! lol. I have been gone for a while I know and I truly don't have a good excuse. Does I forgot I had a blog count? 

So after two or three years, where am I now and am I still into dolls? That's a silly question, of course I am!!! I am still collecting BJDs but I have come to realize I need barbie and her friends in my life as well so since September I have started collecting our 1/6 friends again and when I say collecting don't take it lightly because I have jumped back in with both feet! ha ha. So stay tuned for some more content here. I am hoping to start making stories again too. Is anybody interested in seeing stories, bios, pics, ect about all my new characters?