Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's day all!! Here is our Valentine's day Photoshoot....

Taylor and the teddies!!

 Debbie shows off some hearts

Debbie in pink!

Debbie decided to show off a little more!! Would you kiss her?

Clair-Marie, though still not really talking to me until she gets more tats still decided to join in because you couldn't have a Valentine's day photoshoot without her! 

Clair-Marie: "Happy Valentine's day bitches!!

Clair-Marie: Here we go, this is more like it, black hearts for my black heart! 

 Clair-Marie: Make sure you get my good side, oh who am I kidding all my sides are good sides!

Wow she is full of herself! lol Thanks for reading and checking in with us! Hopefully I will have more to blog about soon!

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