Thursday, January 12, 2017

Here's Debbie!!! (new dollie)

Well well well, hi friends!

I am really trying hard to keep this blog up and it's not working so far lol. Anyway as I last posted I have recently gotten back into barbie and I totally jumped in with both feet. Well my long time dollie friend Deb over at D-lightful Designs has moved on to 1/4 scale dolls and we did a trade for some barbie stuff she had just laying around. She sent me some photos and I picked out a few things, then she told me she threw in a couple extra things for me and she just shipped the box. Well the other day when it arrived this was an epic box!!!!!! It was over 7lbs! Needless to say she sent more than a "few" things. I was soooooo overwhelmed by all the stuff I kept pulling out! Now that's saying a lot because I am seldom overwhelmed by anything. More on the epic box of wonders later.

Inside that box were a few dolls I planned to use as body doners. I decided to keep the red head and the one next to her is the one that intrigued me the most!

She is a rerooted x-files barbie placed on a obitsu body with giant breast! She is super cute. I found out this info by inquiring to my friend on who she was. I recognized the body but not the head, I thought she may be a reroot, and I was right. Don't mind my fake photoshop skills lol.

My friend informed me that she was a reroot as I said and that she made her orignally to be a mini-me of herself. I then asked my friend if it was ok to keep the name for her and she said yes! So that is how she got her name. Meet Debbie!! I just love her sweet little face! I'm not sure how she will play out in my stories, hopefully she will tell me soon.

Well that's it for now friends. I hope this blog post wasn't too long or boring. I am just super excited to have little Debbie join my collection! Let's hope she isn't a handful like most of my other dolls. Although she did already put up a big fight with me and refuse most of the shoes I own! 

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  1. I can't wait to see what kind of personality little Me will have now that she lives with you! =D