Saturday, February 11, 2017

Unexpected Arrivals

Hey everyone it's me again!! I am here to blog about a couple of unexpected arrivals! Here goes....

I was watching a video on youtube that Danielle/Vita Plastica put up and she was saying that she waned to sell her character Kitten into a Raccoon Doll Nina, I had gotta a Nina not to long ago before I decided to hop back into the 1/6 scale world instead. Well Nina was just sitting around and not getting enough love that I thought she deserved so I sent Danielle a message asking if she was interested in her, she totally was!!! So we sent up payment. I thought since she collects BJDs now and has almost totally left the 1/6 world I thought I would ask her if she ever decided to part with her Top Model Nikki girl to let me know. She got back to me pretty quickly and said she was totally ok with letting her go but that her top model days were long behind her and she was on a Poplife articulated body. I nearly jumped up and down because I LOVE articulated bodies so she would have been re-bodied anyway and the pivotal bodies are awesome!!! So she sent me some photos of Nikki and some other stuff and we made a partial trade!!!

She also showed me a photograph of a doll she repainted and rerooted as well and I thought she looked interesting so I took her too!! As soon as she got here I about fell in LOVE!!!
 She is super awesome looking and full of sass!!!
 She too is on a pivotal body and Danielle also gave her some tattoos!!
 Aren't they awesome!!!
 Some of them are a bit ruff and will need to either be replaced or touched up but I am super excited!!!

So there you have it on my unexpected arrivals!!! You will be seeing a lot more of them here on my blog, It will also be a good way to keep my blogging lol!


  1. Beautiful dolls, April! Congratulations on getting them, especially Top Model Nikki. She is hard to find.

    1. Thanks so much @georgia girl, I am super happy to have my hands on a Nikki!!

  2. Yes, congrats! They are both very nice! I especially like the tattoos!