Sunday, February 12, 2017

Clair-Marie is full of attitude!!!

Hello again guys! Two blogs in a row go me! lol Anyway, as you read yesterday my two unexpected arrivals showed up and I am in love with both of them! You met Nikki and her repainted rerooted friend...

Ever since rerooted girl arrived she has been talking non stop and apparently I had a lot to learn! Danielle didn't tell me she was so demanding!! She informed me that her name is Clair-marie (yes Clair no E) 

She informed me that she only likes the finer things in life. So I went ahead and gave her some designer shoes and purses.

She said she only wears black and occasionally red.  She complained that the previous photos didn't show her tattoos so I shot these for her to show you all.

 Then after all that she demanded more tattoos and I told her I didn't have access to any at the moment but I would look into that for her. Well she didn't like my answer so now she's not speaking to me (as you can see in this photo) until I go get her more. Geez!

 There you have it. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Clair-Marie, I have a feeling she is going to be a handful!


  1. She's gorgeous and not at all surprising that she's a bit of a attract them like bees to flowers! =D